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Welcome to ASHLEY MADISON (“AM”), the original destination for married dating and the global leader for affairs, hookups, and fantasy. With more than 52 million members worldwide, millions of people explore their desires every day on Users of 21 years of age and above can visit and register with AM to explore their fantasies, find people with similar interests and act on their own affair desires.

What we are
Sex positive
For adults (21+)
Free spirited
Female friendly
Inclusive, open minded
Sexy and sensual
Diverse (age, gender, ethnicity)
What we are not
Sex aggressive
Teen or underage
Singular (Caucasian only)

We don’t misrepresent our service as having features or characteristics it does not have or use bait and switch advertising.

While we welcome inquiries from all blogs and websites (referred to below as “site”), we reserve the right to refuse or revoke affiliate membership at any time if we determine that your site contains objectionable material. To qualify, the site must be fully functional with original content. Spam or scraper sites will not be approved. Although promotion through websites is the most popular way our Affiliates promote AM, we recognize that different markets have different needs. If you have a large social following or a circumstance that you think is better fit for the AM Affiliate Program, you can always apply.

When you (“Participant”) are approved by ruby Life Inc. (“RUBY”) you will become an AM affiliate (“Affiliate”) and will be able to use assets provided by RUBY (e.g. web banners or the AM logo) to direct your users to AM. It is important to use these assets on your website correctly and as outlined in these guidelines. Adherence to these rules and guidelines are mandatory. If you do not agree to adhere to these rules and guidelines you are not permitted to act as an Affiliate.

Failure to comply with these guidelines may result (without prejudice to any of our rights) in termination in accordance with the Terms and Conditions (the “Agreement”) that govern our Affiliates. In unclear situations regarding compliance with these guidelines, an Affiliate must contact [email protected] in order to clarify the issue, prior to communicating with recipients.


Affiliates must NOT make inaccurate, misleading or unsupported claims about AM's product/service offerings. For example, an Affiliate may not make claims in relation to AM such as:

  • “AM is the biggest website to meet beautiful women”

  • citing incorrect membership count, monthly active user count, female/male ratio

  • claims about AM being the “best”, “largest”, “most”, etc.

Social Media DO’s and DON’Ts

Use the @AshleyMadison handle
Interact with us! Follow us/retweet or like our posts
Use relevant hashtags – maximum 2 per post (such as @findyourmoment)
Use a bot to auto tweet every minute
Make duplicate posts
Post highly sexualized content in reference to AM (no #handjob, no graphic images)

RUBY Supplied Assets

The RUBY supplied assets illustrated in these guidelines are for use only by Affiliates who have agreed to the Agreement and who have been approved by RUBY to participate in the AM Affiliate Program. RUBY reserves the right to withdraw permission to use the assets at any time if their use is inconsistent with these guidelines, the Agreement, or is otherwise deemed inappropriate by RUBY (and RUBY’s decision on this shall be final).

For full details on how to access the AM assets, which include web banners, logos and metadata, please contact [email protected]. We ask that you never download or copy images or assets directly from the AM site or mobile app. All of the content on the AM site and mobile app are owned by (and all copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights in that content, shall at all times remain vested in) RUBY and is protected by Canadian and international copyright and other intellectual property laws.

AM Web Banners

RUBY provides AM web banners in a variety of sizes, with a choice of messages featuring AM’s logo. Please do not amend any of the banners provided.


If you wish to request a bespoke version of a particular banner, please contact [email protected]


RUBY only provides localized banners for the available AM languages

Please do not translate AM banners.


AM banners may be placed within any of your website’s official advertising areas provided that the page content is deemed appropriate by RUBY, e.g.

AM banners cannot be placed on any website where the content is potentially libelous, malicious, discriminatory, obscene, or unlawful. You should not place AM banners on any website which disparages RUBY and/or AM, or otherwise damages RUBY’s goodwill or reputation in any way (or that of any other person, place or business). For more information about what is considered to be appropriate or inappropriate by RUBY, please refer to the Agreement.

The AM banner must never be used within any potentially objectionable editorial content your website produces, e.g.:

It is essential that you never use any AM assets to sell or associate with any third-party product, e.g.:

Do not place the AM banner within another banner:

Do not place another banner within an AM banner, e.g.:

Do not use AM provided assets as your primary source of content, e.g.:

Size, alterations and additions

Whenever possible, use the AM banners in the size provided. The banner may be reduced proportionally to fit your website’s layout, however, please do not stretch or alter the height, or enlarge the banner, as this will affect the quality. Ensure you maintain the banner’s proportions and do not alter the banner layout to make it fit your web page. If you require a very specific banner format, please contact [email protected] to submit your request. If your request is approved, please allow for a minimum turnaround time of five (5) working days.

Please do not add anything to an AM banner (e.g. type or graphics)

Please do not take a logo image from an AM banner and use it on its own, e.g.:

Please do not use only a portion of an AM banner, the creative must be seen in its entirety (bar permitted size alterations), e.g.:

AM Logos

Using the AM logo in a group page

RUBY provides the AM logo via The AM logo can be used when an Affiliate displays a group of company logos that
are related to the organizations the Affiliate works with. We ask that, when used in this instance, the logo is displayed in the same manner as other brand logos. It must not be made bigger or smaller, stretched or heightened, or put in a more prominent position than other brands’ logos. Please never use the AM logo to suggest official partnership or sponsorship, or position it in any way that might suggest this.

Please do not stretch or distort the AM logo, e.g.:

Please do not place the AM logo in a more or less prominent position or display in a different manner to other brands shown on the same page.

Please do not place the AM logo in a banner of your own, e.g.:

Please do not use the AM logo as a part of menu options, e.g.:

Please do not use the AM logo as a navigation device, e.g.:

Ensure that there is very clear visual separation between the logo and any other logo or content.

NOTE: The next four sections in these guidelines: (i) ‘Using Product Images and Metadata’; (ii) ‘Sign-up and Subscription Links’; (iii) ‘Referring to AM Around Purchase Links’; and (iv) ‘Redirect Page’ are only applicable to Affiliates who have the capacity to feature AM and other RUBY brands on a brand-by-brand basis within their own websites.

Using product images and metadata

When using images and descriptions in relation to AM products/services please use the official metadata and images provided via

We ask that you display our product images and metadata in a way that is consistent with the look and feel of your website.

Sign-up and subscription links

In order for a customer to set up an AM account or buy a subscription, the customer will be required to click away from the Affiliate website, and will be sent to the AM website to make their purchase. Therefore, if using a button or link containing language which would not be true to the customer experience, e.g. ‘WAY TO GO!” or similar, please select and use a more appropriate term instead, e.g. ‘JOIN NOW’, etc.

Referring to AM around purchase links

We ask that there is always a clear indication of the connection between the AM products and/or services and AM, e.g.:

Use the AM logo below the “Meet Women” button or text link (as shown above).

Redirect page

If a consumer clicks on a link to sign up with AM or buy an AM subscription, you may wish to alert your customers that they will be leaving your site to be taken to AM, and briefly mention why. This will help with successful customer conversions and prevent them falling out of the purchase tunnel.

There are two options for a redirect page:

  1. A pop up message which appears upon clicking an AM product or service sign-up link, hosted on your own site. This should explain what AM is and explain why the customer is being taken to AM.

  2. A new redirect page initiated upon clicking on an AM sign-up link, hosted on your own site. This should explain what AM is and explain why the customer is being taken to AM.

Linking to AM

AM banners, logos and product images contain a link to the corresponding page on AM. If you publish a banner or logo outside the RUBY data feed on your own server, it is essential that you do not override the link. If you override the link this may mean that Affiliate payments cannot be calculated, and you risk not being paid the commission that would have otherwise been due.

If an Affiliate is found to be hosting an AM asset that does not click through to the correct AM page, the Affiliate may risk being removed from the RUBY Affiliate Program.

Sending Emails on Our Behalf

The following only applies to Affiliates which send electronic messages on our behalf.

An Affiliate may not send any commercial electronic (each a “CEM”) advertising or promoting our service or brand, or otherwise containing our name, branding or any of our intellectual property, without our express written consent, which may be withheld in our sole discretion. In the event we authorize an Affiliate to send CEMs on our behalf, the Affiliate must send such CEMs to individuals above the minimum legal age and in accordance with: (i) all rules and guidelines provided by us (including those set out below); and (ii) all applicable anti-spam laws including, without limitation, Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (“CASL”).


We do not provide Affiliates any personal information (including email addresses) of our users or potential users. In the event we authorize an Affiliate to send CEMs on our behalf, such Affiliate may only send CEMs to individuals from whom it has obtained express consent, or with respect to whom the law deems implied consent to exist, as set out below.

Express Consent

To the extent an Affiliate is relying on express opt-in consent to send an individual a CEM on our behalf, at the time such consent is requested, the Affiliate must include all of the following elements in its request:

  1. the name of the Affiliate;

  2. the purpose(s) for which the consent is being sought, including that the individual is consenting to receiving marketing messages on behalf of us explicitly or on behalf of unknown third parties with respect to third party products and services;

  3. the mailing address, and either a telephone number providing access to an agent or a voice messaging system, an email address or a web address of the Affiliate. This contact information must be valid for a minimum of 60 days after the message has been sent; and

  4. a statement indicating that the person whose consent is sought can withdraw their consent.

The Affiliate must not subsume, or otherwise bundle, a request for consent contemplated above with general terms and conditions of use or sale of products or services. The underlying objective of obtaining express consent under CASL is that the specific request for consent is clearly identified to the person from whom the consent is being sought. For example, a person must be able to grant their consent to the terms and conditions of use or sale of a product or service while, for instance, refusing to grant their consent for receiving CEMs.

Implied Consent

Where an Affiliate has not obtained the express opt-in consent of an individual to receive a CEM on behalf of ruby, as contemplated above, an Affiliate may still send such individual a CEM on our behalf if the Affiliate has the individual’s implied consent under CASL (and, to the extent applicable, complies with all other applicable anti-spam laws). The prescribed instances where an organization is deemed to have an individual’s implied consent to send CEMs are enumerated in CASL. Of relevance to dealings with individual consumers, an Affiliate may rely on implied consent if there is an existing business relationship between it and the recipient of the CEM. An existing business relationship may arise from:

  1. the purchase or lease of a product, good or service by the person to whom the message is sent from the Affiliate, within the two-year period immediately before the day on which the message is sent;

  2. a written contract entered into between the person to whom the message is sent and the Affiliate if the contract is currently in existence or expired within the 2-year period referred to above; or

  3. where the recipient of the CEM has made an inquiry, or submitted an application to the Affiliate within the six months immediately preceding the day on which the message is sent.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions related to the instances under which an organization has an individual’s implied consent to send CEMs.

Record Keeping

The Affiliate must keep up-to-date records for each person to whom it sends a CEM on our behalf outlining, at minimum, the following:

  1. whether the Affiliate is relying on express or implied consent;

  2. to the extent the Affiliate is relying on express consent,

    • how such consent was obtained (i.e. in writing or verbally);

    • the date on which consent was obtained;

    • the intended purpose for which the consent was obtained;

    • the manner in which the consent was obtained (e.g. paper application, online, call recording, etc.); and

    • copies of any hard copy consent forms or detailed logs of any consent collected online, including time/date stamp, originating IP address, historical copies of the text that a user would have seen at the relevant time/date.

  3. to the extent the Affiliate is relying on implied consent,

    • which instance of implied consent the Affiliate is relying on,

    • the date on which the implied consent became effective;

    • the date on which the implied consent lapses; and

    • clear first-party records demonstrating the purchase or lease of products or services (such as an invoice), the existence of a written contract (such as a copy of the contract), or the existence of an application or inquiry (such as the text of the inquiry).

CEM Content Requirements

Subject to an Affiliate’s obligations under the Affiliate Terms and Conditions, these affiliate rules and guidelines and any other guidelines provided by ruby to the Affiliate from time to time, we encourage our Affiliates to be creative in driving individuals to our sites. However, we must ensure that such CEM sent on our behalf meets our legal and branding requirements. As such, in the event we authorize an Affiliate to send CEMs on our behalf, such CEMs must comply with the requirements set out below.

Mispresenting Statements and Encouraging Viral Marketing

  1. An Affiliate must NOT make any false or misleading statements or claims in any CEM sent on our behalf. For examples of false or misleading statements and claims please see the Misrepresentation section of these rules and guidelines.

  2. An Affiliate must not use viral marketing techniques in its email communications which either directly or indirectly encourage spamming by its recipients (e.g. "send an SMS to 10 people and get a bonus").

Subject Lines:

The “subject” line of any CEM sent on our behalf shall be one of the following unless otherwise approved by us in writing:

Find your discreet date today!

Meet women for a secret date!

Browse and meet new women right now!

Chat with new members today!

Check out these hot new members!

Thousands of women want discreet dating!

Talk to bored women who want to meet!

From Lines:

The “from” line of any CEM sent on our behalf shall be one of the following unless otherwise approved by us in writing:

Ashley M.

A Madison

Ash Mad


AM Promotions

AM Deals

To: Lines:

When sending bulk emails an Affiliate must not display the recipient's email address in the "To" or "CC" fields. Recipient emails must be encrypted or hidden when you send any marketing communications to more than one person.


Any CEM sent on our behalf must include the following statement:

This message is sent to you by [insert affiliate name] on behalf of ruby Life Inc., the operator of ruby Life Inc. is located at 2300 Yonge Street, Suite 1400, Toronto, Ontario M4P 1E4 Canada. To unsubscribe from marketing and promotional email messages sent by or on behalf of ruby Life Inc., click here [insert link to ruby’s unsubscribe page].

Effecting Unsubscribes

ruby maintains a list of all email addresses which have unsubscribed from receiving CEMs from or on behalf of ruby which can be accessed at Before sending any CEM on behalf of ruby, an Affiliate must ensure that the email address(es) to which the CEM will be sent is/are not on ruby’s unsubscribe list. A distribution list must be scrubbed against ruby’s unsubscribe list, no more than 24 hours before sending CEMs to such a distribution list. IN NO EVENT IS AN AFFILIATE PERMITTED TO SEND A CEM ON RUBY’S BEHALF TO AN EMAIL ADDRESS ON RUBY’S UNSUBSCRIBE LIST.

Things to note:

Ensure assets are current

AM assets will be automatically updated via We ask that you only use the most up to date assets provided.

Webpage layout

Your website should represent your brand’s unique look and feel. Please do not attempt to imitate the layout or editorial tone of AM, or layout/design of the banners provided. We ask that you do not copy any graphic interface elements such as menu bars or buttons from AM.

Using the name ‘ASHLEY MADISON’ in text

When written in a sentence, AM must always be referred to as ‘ASHLEY MADISON®’, e.g. ”ASHLEY MADISON® is a leading open-minded dating site” or “ASHLEY MADISON is a leading open-minded dating site”.


Please ensure that all headlines and body copy on your website that refer to the AM products and services are consistent with your company’s identity and do not attempt to imitate that of AM.

Guidelines for PPC

Affiliates are not allowed to bid on any variations of the AM brand name. This includes bidding on the term ‘ASHLEY” or “MADISON” with other keywords, e.g. “ASHLEY DATING” as well as any misspellings. When describing AM, focus on the following acceptable and unacceptable descriptors:

Affair/hookups/Sex/Sleep with/Bang
Discreet/open minded
Best (or other subjective comparison)
100% Free*/Safe/Secure
#1 (anything)

* “100% free for women seeking men” is the exception to the rule

In terms of visual assets used when promoting AM, stick to the following images:

  • Soft core (no penetration, no extreme genital close-ups)

  • Edgier verbiage (see “Acceptable” glossary) but not extremely graphic

  • No violence

  • No underage/teen

  • Non-exploitative

Only RUBY can use 'Official' or 'Exclusive' with reference to AM services and products.


The trademarks appearing on AM are owned by RUBY. User profile images appearing in the AM banners are not those of real AM members.

Nothing in these guidelines gives you permission to use the trademarks appearing on AM in your business name, product name or website address without RUBY’s prior written permission.

If you have a concern that you may be violating any of our guidelines, contact [email protected].  Chances are, we can find a way to work through this without any issue. That said, Affiliates found to be in violation of these guidelines will forfeit commissions relating to either the specific transaction in violation or all commissions assigned. Excessive violations will result in termination of the violating party’s Affiliate account. We’d really prefer not to go there, so please get in touch with us if you have any questions whatsoever. We’re happy to help however we can.

For more information

If you need any more information or have questions about using these guidelines please contact [email protected].